Amber Jain’s Octave code for ml-class

I successfully took and completed Prof. Andrew Ng’s in October-December 2012. I scored 77 out of 80 (in Review questions) and 800 out of 800 (Programming exercises). Certificate of Accomplishment is available on request by email.

As part of this project, I did programming assignments in Octave. I don’t have time to setup a version controlled repository right now for these source files (but I intend to do so in near future) due to me taking many online classes at the moment. This is also due to the fact that I’ll like to cleanup my code (convert code to vectorised implementation), add comments etc. In the meantime, you can view my Octave code submission (temporarily) archived and uploaded on Github: zip.

You can visit my personal website for my Resume, Publications and other projects.

Amber Jain